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January 28, 2013
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Vocaloid Maid Cafe by cheese-cake-panda Vocaloid Maid Cafe by cheese-cake-panda
The maid cafe from Las Cruces Anime Days 2013!

Last year I was Rin but this year I'm actually Gumi (who is my favorite). As last year, the cafe was soooooo much fun! We had a really good turn out and had quite a few people thank us for a good show.

This years maid cafe was different than last year because last year we did a vocaloid cafe both days. However, this year we did vocaloids and saturday and then had a Black Butler (kuroshitsuji) cafe on sunday. I was Alois for that so I get pictures from that cafe I'll post them 8D I would list all of our maids and their accounts but more than half of them don't actually have DA's so I'll just not....

Hope you like it. Please comment and fave!

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Thanks! :heart:
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cautioncone16 Mar 7, 2013
Maid cafes sound like fun, but I dot know if I'd make it through one alive. I'd have a heart-attack before I got to the appetizer! > <
they are a lot of fun 8D especially when they are done well.
why do you think you wouldn't make it through one?
cautioncone16 Mar 8, 2013
The thought of cute girls bowing to me, and calling me 'master' and all the other things they do, just makes me wanna crawl under a chair. I cant even take the guys at game stop talking to me. So I know I couldnt take any of that. WAY to embarassed > <
oh I see. Well lucky we don't do that 8D because we are a cosplay cafe we need to stay in character and often times bowing and doing cute things like that don't apply. Like for example, we also do a Black Bulter cafe and I'm Alois for that so there is no way he's going to bow and call someone master XD but it's understandable. Not a lot of people handle that kind of attention well.
cautioncone16 Mar 11, 2013
I see. I've never seen BB before. Any good? Do you guys do any other themes?
I didnt know there were cosplay cafes! D: They sound like alot of fun!
yeah it's not bad, but the second season is just....don't watch it....first season is good though XD
Yeah there aren't every many copslay cafes. Most of them are just girls in maid our cafe is a novelty 8D they are quiet a bit of fun if I can make that guess from how the cafe I work in runs. We usually have full shows and everyone seems to really enjoy getting to talk to the characters.
cautioncone16 Mar 12, 2013
I see.
I can imagine people have fun at your cafe. I think I would
maybe one day you'll get to go to one 8D
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I was there! It was such a good con!
awesome! whose table did you sit at? 8D
It was a good con. I just wished I could have enjoyed it more, but working in the cafe meant I had very few breaks.
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